-Endurance -Climbing -Swimming -Awareness -Meditation -Diet -Rolling -Handsprings -Aruki -Shuriken
Tesaihiryu Ninja was developed over twenty years after its first three members began at their homes back in nineteen ninety. The art sprang up in the light of each persons' individual acts of expression.
Many claim that self-taught individuals are often misinformed. This can hold true, however, if he who teaches also accepts himself as a student in the great classroom of the arts that are martial, the party can stay opened to growing education wherever they find it. This is apparent in their own mistakes as well as those of other's; especially each other's.
Picasso can lead you to the canvas, teach you brush strokes, and provide you with the right palette, but he can never provide you the inspiration that made his art world-renowned. It is the same way with martial arts. We strive to bring the art back to the world.


-Elements -Marui Roku -Aruki -Awareness -Warrior Spirit -Sword -Striking -Tumbling -Weaknesses & Needs
The concept of Ninja International blossomed from the multitude of martial art styles available today. Ninjutsu has long been the most complete form of life training. To take up the art of Ninja can be an overwhelming thought at first, as it should be, for it is truly a life-long voyage of discovery. Simply thinking of the things one may encounter on a ninja mission can give you an idea of the unlimited array of techniques a perfect ninja may need to utilize. What is different about Tesaihiryu is the acknowledgement of each individual’s path of maturation. Everyone grows in different ways, and so, we are not forcing rigid techniques down the throats of our disciples, but rather introducing to them the seeds of living, moving, growing tactics, that are malleable enough to customize for each individual. Our favorite way of expressing this fact is by reminding our students, and yours, that art is not art without personalization.


-Ground Fighting -Stretching -Joint Locks -Espionage -Deception -Leaping -Body Angling -Tumbling -Evasion
Tesaihiryu began its official development over 20 years ago, but even today it is alive with new growth.
The source of wisdom we seek to bring forth in our students, comes not from us alone, but from within. If you are new to martial arts, you are as an empty canvas awaiting its first stroke of paint. If we guide your hand through every stroke of your creation, the final image on your canvas will look distinguishably similar to our own. But, if we provide you with a large array of brushes and colors that you can combine into multitudes of combinations, we believe you will learn to tap that eternal source that so many have let fall dormant with age.
The mere word ‘Ninja’ conjures up images of ancient hidden secret powers and flawless execution of tumbling and fighting. It is true that the ninja must literally perfect every tiny movement that his body can manage, in order to achieve these feats, but also one must learn to focus the mind and listen to the rhythm of the universe.


-Timing & Cadence -Acrobatics -Botany -Toxicology -Stop Hit -Slip & Duck -Feinting -Bo & Jo -The Split
Welcome to Ninja International’s Tesaihiryu Ninjutsu Training Program. We believe each student has their very own, individual way of learning, moving, and growing. It is for that reason, we at Ninja International, strive to establish a solid base of teaching in our students along their path of growth. A proper mentor in any particular style of fighting will remember you are evolving and growing through his teaching, even if that person is sometimes the teacher alone. He implements all of his own known tactics; learning from each mistake as he watches his students fumble through the mimicking and miming of his own postures and style. There are many called, but few are self-chosen to dedicate themselves to the martial way. Disciples that learn the most and grow the fastest, are often those who ask the most questions. The mention of self-choice is present because this lesson will cover multiple points, and some will require much self-discipline and long-term dedication.

Ninja International

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